Bismarck, ND

we are the COE's Thumos Financial Agency & Founders of the Thumos PHP Team & Partners with PHP Agency, Inc, the fastest growing financial marketing company in the U.S, licensed in 49 states with nearly 15,000 agents.

Our team, THUMOS, is proudly represented with offices throughout the U.S… TX, ND, MD, MN & SC just to name a few.

WE have paid the risks for you!  In business, we have paid the piper... as they say. Today we are building shareholders of PHP Agency, Inc a privately-owned company that has plans of being a multi-billion dollar company.


We are FIRED up to WORK Hand in HAND. Husband and Wife.  Surrounded by people who are also dedicated to working as a MARRIED TEAM with unified in aspirations and goals. Together, we strive to work with other strong couples to work alongside each other and build something they can be proud of as a “power couple”. Not as divided couples- something that families all over America suffer from.

It is now 2020, 11 years into its creation, and PHP has hit the EXPLOSION phase of the business! There has never been a better time than today to get into business with our company and the #1 Remote Team Builders:  THUMOS.


The foundation has been well Planned, the systems are in place, the vision is clear, the mentorship is established, our team is constantly growing to support our national expansion, our technology continues to innovate, our culture is contagious and our compensation plan is the best in the industry.

On top of all that we are able to Grow Nationally in preparation for Globally... all with a REMOTE ONLINE VIRTUAL OFFICE setting!!

We ARE THE MOST INNOVATIVE in the INDUSTRY... because we are the most determined.

The Huddle




THUMOS was birthed out of a Hunger that could not be quenched.
There was a FIRE building and no one was giving it OXYGEN!


We were told we were fools and we were told we had to follow the rules.

We were told to fit in.

We were told to conform.

We were told we needed to settle.

We were told we needed to behave.

We were told we were too loud.

We were told we were too rowdy. 

We were told we needed to be like everyone else and be happy with it. 

We were told to do what everyone else does and act like everyone else and be content with what that would give us...



We have our own beat and our own POTENTIAL.  IT doesn't look like what you have seen before, and IT WON'T.  We refuse to be judged on a lower standard.  Because we are playing a NEW GAME.

BEING average was no longer an option if we wanted to feed the FIRE burning in our soul.

IF we wanted to provide an answer for the QUESTIONS no one around us could answer.

IF we wanted to seek something GREATER than a Menial Existence.

If you don't like where you are, you will get PUSHED.  Decide who gets to push you.

We all have a choice to make.

We made ours and it was to STOP listening to those who wanted to pull us down to their level.  We made them uncomfortable and they couldn't handle it.  We smiled and MARCHED ON.


We SEARCHED and PRAYED for a DIFFERENT Environment.  

We found it in Entrepreneurship & Business Ownership.

But that alone was not enough.


We needed an ARMY.

An ARMY who wanted to WIN.




                                                          ...PROTECT ONE ANOTHER


We Found the Financial Services Industry.

In this environment, there are no CEILINGS.  No one can tell you to blend in... Because competition is REAL and it Pushes you to GROW!

(In every part of your life)

IF you KNOW there is something more for you... and I am not talking just money here... I am talking about you, your CHARACTER, SKILLS, TALENTS, & DRIVE to be the BEST person you can be...


YOU need to listen to those who will PUSH you to become a better person who will COACH you to a HIGHER level within yourself.

THUMOS was the ANSWER to the FIRE GOD had set when he created JAMES AND ANGIE...


WE have created the Platform... ARE you READY to create the ACTION?


Take the leap of faith and FIND your dreams. The time is now.

We want to meet you...

build with you...

Feel the FIRE in your BELLY demand that YOU reach your GOD-GIVEN potential!


Thank you PHP

Our Coach